The digital interface
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financial services
Highploom is the first no-code application platform enabling Financial Institutions to create and deploy onboarding and customer engagement environments.
Without a single line of code.
Keeping people at the center of digitization, with the most powerful no code solution

Customer experiences shouldn't be a situation of "either/or." Offering customers omni-access to services and information is now table stakes for financial institutions.

Channel combinations of digital experience paired with human interaction yield a powerful 30% increase in sales of financial products & services.

Don’t choose between analog/paper-based human processes OR total automation. Take a quantum leap forward with Highploom, and offer bespoke human-to-human interactions at scale.

Improve Experience

Omni-access and self-service are now table stakes – offer the next generation experience

Expand Reach & Revenue

Capture digitally native prospects from existing and new channels

Create Efficiencies

Real ROI from operational improvement and simplification

Enhance Risk Mitigation

Feed your risk analysis systems and process the most robust and timely data

Simplify Compliance

Make data immediately available for management and reporting

Highploom is revolutionizing the way financial institutions engage with their customers. Our platform goes beyond automating processes and digitizing paperwork. Create scalable experiences that can be easily adapted for highly curated customer engagements.

Case Study

Midwestern Bank (<$500 AUM)

- Significant leakage from web-site and marketing efforts

- Inability to convert digitally native prospects

- Challenge to cross-sell existing web/mobile first customers

- Difficulty managing affiliate partner customer base

- No incentive to utilize digital channels-Disappointing online chat and service experience

- Lack of visibility into critical metrics: outcome; time waiting; serviced by

Highploom Solution

- Single digital interface for enterprise users to engage customers at scale; paired with a white-label (enterprise branded) customer interface for a single portal to experience entire engagement
- White Label (in window) Website Live Chat & Secure Messaging functionality fed into a queue; accessible to all permissioned enterprise users
- Interaction points that did not connect with existing account opening workflows are directed to custom onboarding experiences; managed personally (1:1) via queue-based and smart routing system
- Digital Marketing Manager to create custom onboarding experiences and manage targeted marketing campaigns across channels (Sponsored content, Google, Facebook, etc.)
- 360-degree customer views with drilldowns by account / entity / guarantor / process / relationship
- Admin Screen to simply track critical metrics; set enterprise permissioning; direct interaction points; adapt all credit experiences

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